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Lipstick Favorites Under $10

Ciera Dastrup

Hi guys, I have a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I LOVE the way it looks, but I HATE how expensive some lipsticks can be! I definitely believe in investing in products you love, but you don't need to pay a pretty penny on these lipsticks I'm sharing with you,. They're all awesome AND under $10!!!! Even some are under $5!!! I am a lipstick lover, and since being a mom I haven't worn it as much as I used to, but I bought lots of cute new Elf brand lipsticks from Target the other day, and it inspired me to do a little post featuring some cute lipsticks that won't break the bank! I shared my favorites below. :) 

I also have a lot of people that will comment on my lipstick shade and say "I could NEVER pull off that color with my skin tone". So I am sharing a lipstick chart I found on Pinterest that helps you discover the perfect shades of lipsticks/lip glosses for your specific skin tone! I follow charts like this because there are definitely some lipstick shades that look terrible against my skin! So find a shade thats right for you! :)