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Is a Goldendoodle the Right Dog for You??

Ciera Dastrup

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GrowingUpPurinaPhaseTwo #CollectiveBias

I cannot believe we have had our Goldendoodle Chooiee for over 4 years now! I can still remember him as a sweet curly little puppy, who loved to play, and had the softest little bark! We got Chooiee a few months before we gave birth to our first daughter Marloe, and they have basically grown up together! It’s been so sweet see how he has reacted to each baby, and how much he protects and loves them!!! Today I am sharing some of Chooiees personality traits, and some general characteristics of most Goldendoodle breeds! If you’re looking into getting a Goldendoodle, then you’re in the right place for lots of helpful info!!!

Goldendoodle’s are crossbreed between standard Poodles & Golden Retrievers, that have been around since the 1960s. They were originally bred as a guide dog for blind people with allergies to non hyper allergenic dogs. Although they shed very minimally, they need to be groomed regularly and would benefit from clipping to maintain a neat coat and appearance. We try to get Chooiee groomed once a month, or his hair gets crazy tangled and matted!

Like its parent breeds, this pooch is super intelligent and gentle, making it an ideal companion and great for families. When looking into getting a dog, we knew we wanted a gentle giant to watch over and play with our kids, and Chooiee is just that and more! Goldendoodle’s are also a very active breed and won’t be content in an apartment setting with no access to a yard to play in! Goldendoodle’s come in lots of colors, but the most common ones are cream, golden, and chocolate brown!The Goldendoodle has parent breeds with positive personality traits, which is why this cross is a popular family companion. It loves being surrounded by its family and being part of their activities. We know this to be true with Chooiee, because he never wants to miss out on any family walk or outing! :) Because of its warm and playful personality, it is not an ideal guard dog. It is friendly and patient towards children and gets along with other dogs and small animals. Chooiee is the most patient and playful pup with Marloe and Sorel...they could climb and pull and step on him, and he wouldn’t even flinch! He just loves being their teddy bear brother! :)

We learned quickly after getting Chooiee as a puppy, that Goldendoodle’s have very sensitive stomachs! They don’t do well eating table scraps or food that falls on the floor! We made sure to find the right food for our doodle, so that he can stay around for the long haul! A typical serving for an adult Goldenpoodle is 1 to 4 cups, depending on size, of excellent quality dry dog food! Our pup is 70 pounds, so we feed him 4 cups a day!!!

A few months back we switched to Purina® ONE® True Instinct Premium Real Turkey & Venison Dry Dog Food for Chooiee along with mixing in some Purina® ONE® Smartblend Sensitive Systems Formula - 16.5 lbs, and he has since been much more active & alert—with zero stomach issues!!! Feeding your pet wholesome dog food is SO IMPORTANT! I love that Purina® ONE® is dedicated to the lifelong potential of your pet backed by 85 years of Purina research!!! They shape the future of Health and Wellbeing for pets & people through three simple pursuits: Pets are their passion!! Safety is their promise!! Innovation is their pledge!! Learn more on Purina.com

Some Key Highlights:

30% protein content helps support strong muscles

Real turkey is the #1 ingredient and real venison

Two times the tender, meaty morsels compared to Purina ONE Lamb & Rice Formula

No poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or preservatives

Natural plus vitamins and minerals adult dog food

You can sign your dog up to take the 28 day challenge on purinaone.com and receive $3 off coupon!!!! Purchase at your local Target or online at Target.com! There are so many amazing Purina® ONE® dog food options to choose from!! See HERE!

We LOVE our crazy Chooiee, and can’t imagine a life without him!!! So happy we went with this breed all those years ago, and found a dog that fit so perfectly into our growing family!!

Do you think a Goldendoodle will fit your personality and lifestyle? Learn more here!