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2019 GOALS

Ciera Dastrup


OMG ITS 2019!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot believe how fast the past year has gone by, and I’m still working on the goals I made in 2018....anyone else?

My goals for this year are pretty simple. I want to be more in control of my life, and simplify EVERYTHING. I want less things & more memories & moments made with my kids. I want to spend less money, and be more mindful when it comes to groceries & purchases. I also want to get into the best shape EVER, and work on more targeted exercises that break out of my typical routine. Here is my plan for all of that, and a little insight to what my year will look like.

I am a total minimalist. Things don’t bring me happiness, and honestly I get more stressed when I have a house full of junk. After Christmas I cleaned through the girls’ toys & clothing, and I plan on getting everything I saved organized better! I also want to have NO JUNK DRAWERS in my home, and instead have a place for everything. I hate clutter & want to reallllllly focus on spending money on things that are absolutely necessary, and less on things that bring temporary happiness...(aka decorative pillows, rugs, random home things lol)

I want to spend more time doing fun & adventurous things with my kids and Colten. I really want to break free from routine more & get out to explore the beautiful state we live in. It can be hard traveling even a few hours in the car with kids, but I want to do it anyway! It’s good to get out of our comfort zone every once & a while. 

I am not the most organized with my blog, because I am a FULL TIME mama & this blog is a FULL TIME job. I want this year to be about organization & doing more projects that test the limits of what I am used to. I really want to start a YouTube Vlog & jump into promoting my blog/facebook/twitter as much as I do with my IG. :) 

Since buying a home, there have been so many projects that I’ve been wanting to do to our house. We started on our guest bathroom months ago, and it still hasn’t finished. I really want to be better about finishing one project before starting another LOL. I am queen of having ten projects at one time, and I can’t live like that anymore! So when’s our bathroom is finished I’ll be working on getting new floors throughout our whole house! And then hopefully tackling getting my office completed!

I don’t have any plans or desire to get pregnant this year. I plan on nursing Sorel for a few more months, and getting my body back to myself...before I even think about pregnancy! If I do get pregnant, it’ll probably be the very end of the year or next. But who knows....haha

I am a weirdo that loves to grocery shop, but I am not mindful with my purchases & often waste a lot of the food that I buy! Starting this month I am budgeting better for groceries & I plan on only going to the store 2-3 times a month!!! I want the food we buy to get used, and this way I spend less money too! Win win! Although I will miss my grocery store runs...especially at the stores with Starbucks inside! ;) I plan on making a big Costco run once a month, and 1-2 grocery store runs minimum!

I initially started this blog because of my blog and passion for clothing and beauty products. But of course it has changed as I have added kiddos to the mix. I honestly love sharing about everyday mom moments & baby/kid products...but I want to incorporate more fashion & beauty posts as well! So stay tuned for more of that, and possibly some Youtube videos to go along with it!

I want to do a lot of yard work this Spring & Summer to make our backyard a better more functional and fun place for the kids! I want to plant a garden/flowers, and get a play set for the girls! I love spending time outside, and want to have a space that will be perfect for spending outdoor time in—all Summer long!

I have some fun travel plans this year and can not wait to share more with you guys!!!!! Traveling with my family is when I am most in my element! I plan on visiting Europe for my FIRST TIME this year too!!! I want to travel more fun places in beautiful Washington, and even driving just 2 hours south to explore Portland!