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HAWAII + ORLANDO Vacation Diary

Ciera Dastrup


Every year in September Colten’s family tries to plan a big vacation together! I always loook forward to hanging out with his family, and getting Marloe and her cousins together to play! We usually vacation on Maui or Kauai, but we changed it up this year…and vacationed to The Big Island of Hawaii…..and now it might be our favorite island!! Already planning our Hawaii trip for next year there. :)

We stayed in a vacation home, in an area called Mauna Lani. It was near a resort, and an amazing private beach that we had access too. We loved that beach, and it had every amenity we could want. Sometimes the beach with kids…can be very difficult. But this place had cabanas, crystal clear water, and a restaurant for easy access to food/drinks/bathroom. We went to that beach 3 times while we were there, and LOVED it.

We drove up the mountain to Waimea Valley, and visited the most beautiful farming town. It had stunning rolling hills, and honestly didn’t even feel like we were in Hawaii….it was heavenly being up there. We went to a farmers market & got some of the yummiest treats & gifts to take home. We bought fresh mangoes, and ate our weight in them daily. No joke, Marloe eats the whole mango including the skin….she is slightly obsessed with them.

We went on an amazing adventure tour through Waipio Canyon. We learned some amazing history about the Hawaiian islands, and saw views that were out of this world. Marloe and Sorel slept the entire tour….which is crazy because it was the bumpiest ride through rivers, over hills/rocks, and down the most narrow path. MY KIDS SLEEP THROUGH EVERYTHING LOL. We even got to feed and pet wild horses along the way.

The last day, we went to this black and white coral sand beach. We went snorkeling and saw so many turtles. Marloe and her cousins even got to see a sleeping turtle on the beach. :)


Colten had a work conference in Orlando, at Walt Disney World. We took Sorel (since I am still breastfeeding her), and left Marloe with my mom. We literally flew from Hawaii, all the way to Florida…..it took 12 hours. & we were at a 6 hour time difference. We felt wrecked, but finally adjusted. We stayed at the Four Seasons Walt Disney Resort hotel, and it was by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. Colten was in meetings all day, while I hung out at the pool & shopped at Disney Springs. We went to Disney one day, and had so much fun going on rides.

I am still in that awkward postpartum stage, where I am not quite comfortable in a swimsuit…but I found some AMAZING swimsuits for our trips, that helped me feel my best!!! I linked all the suits/swim covers that I brought along with me for our trip to Hawaii & Orlando!