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Making Time for Family

Ciera Dastrup


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear. Thanks for your support in letting me share products I love with you!


I feel so much happier as a mom when I am able to get out of the house & do fun things with my kids! It’s easy to get stuck in routine, and let schedules and work get in the way of family time....but it’s so important to make time!! I notice that Marloe is much happier and obedient when we get out of the house and have fun together. That in turn, makes me a better and more patient mom!!! Win win!! 

Making time for family doesn't always mean planning an elaborate trip or activity...it can also be simple things like visiting a local park, getting ice cream, or having a play date with friends. One of my favorite things to do with Marloe is taking her to the beach and letting her play in the sand or throw rocks into the water. She loves watching the marine life, and we always spot something new while we're there! I also take her to our local parks often! I drive past them all the time while we are off running errands, so it's easy to quickly stop by to let Marloe play for a bit. If we're running late out the door, I will sometimes even let her eat her breakfast/lunch at the park, so she can play and eat!

Our activities usually revolve around the many errands I need to run for our family & my business! So wearing cute and practical clothing is a MUST. I have noticed that it can be hard balancing motherhood and style. Since becoming a mom, my wardrobe had to change because I could no longer comfortably wear a lot of the items I used to while nursing a baby & chasing after a toddler! I decided to switch out pieces in my closet to more practical ones, all while still reflecting stylish looks I love!!

Today I am partnering with Famous Footwear to showcase some cute & comfortable shoes that fit in effortlessly with my busy on the go lifestyle. I LOVE shoes, but I also love feeling comfortable while I do my mama duties! I tend to wear more flats and slip-ons than I used to before kids. I love having shoes that are easy to go on and off, and can easily go with everything!!! I am wearing Dr. Scholls MADISON SLIP ON SNEAKER in color Blush. These are some of the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned, and the color truly can be worn with any outfit! I rounded up some of my favorite shoes from Famous Footwear below that can help you take on the day, and get outside with your kiddos!!!