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Sleep 101 When You're a New Parent

Ciera Dastrup


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nanit Sleep System The opinions and text are all mine. I truly believe in every product/company I feature, and appreciate your support*

No matter how well your baby sleeps day or night, every new parent with a baby video monitor knows how nice it feels to stare at that tiny screen in search of any sign of movement. Video monitors give such peace of mind when you’re not in the same room as your sleeping baby. 

When my first daughter Marloe was born, I remember not getting ANY sleep. Being a new parent is hard, and you truly don't know what to expect until you go through it. I remember finally falling asleep some nights to frantically waking up to check on the baby....for NO reason. I wanted to make sure she was breathing, and felt such relief when I saw she was still peacefully asleep. I didn't have a baby monitor back then, and didn't know what I was missing!

With my second baby just being born, I was MUCH more prepared. I searched the web looking at awesome baby monitors, and found one that would work best for our family--the Nanit Sleep System Video Monitor! I had my husband easily install it before she was born, and have been using it for Sorel since she was born. It's seriously been such a game changer! I feel much more at ease leaving the room when she is sleeping, and don't feel the need to check on her every couple minutes. We have the camera that mounts to the wall (which I LOVE), but you can also get a camera connected to a floor stand for easy transport.

The Nanit Sleep System monitor connects to your phone through the Nanit app. It makes viewing and checking in on your sleeping baby easy--and even allows you to hear your baby when your phone screen is turned off!!!! The camera also features a soft glow night light, that is dim enough that it won't wake up your baby. I have used it many times when I am putting back Sorel's pacifier during nap time & don't want to wake her by turing on the bright room light. You can also purchase Nanit Insights to easily access video history & sleeping data. 

New parents know how tough it can be bringing a baby into the world. Make it easier with the help from  Nanit Sleep System monitor! You will get more sleep knowing that your Nanit monitor is watching over your baby. 

To learn more about  Nanit Sleep System video monitor & Nanit insights, click HERE.