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Hold 'em Close

Ciera Dastrup


Baby Wearing was one of my favorite things I did with Marloe, and it’s something I really believe in now. I actually am sad that Marloe has passed the Baby Wearing stage, and doesn’t have ANY desire to be carried in one now. (Can’t blame her…she is 2 years old and would rather explore lol) I had a pretty great experience with Marloe in the early months after she was born, but around 4 months she didn’t like being wrapped up in my previous carrier…and wearing her in it felt pretty uncomfortable for the both of us. I thought that I was doing something wrong, but now after using my new Wild Bird ring sling (pictured above)….I realized it wasn’t me but my old carrier that had issues.

Since Sorel was born I have been Baby Wearing her. She is very needy, and loves being held. (Which honestly I don’t mind most days….they only stay little for so long…sigh) I have been using my Wild Bird ring sling in style “Stork” & have been so impressed with it! It is comfortable, easy to use, and super cute! Sorel is usually so comfortable that she easily falls asleep while in it! :) Today I am sharing some reasons why Baby Wearing is AWESOME!!!!

Security and Closeness

I remember hearing the “nine months in, nine months on” philosophy. Basically, your baby is in the womb for nine months — constantly with you, warm, compact. Then, when they are born, they suddenly put into this huge, open space, and they aren’t always close to you. The “nine months on” idea encourages you to wear your baby for at least nine months, to help ease your child into the world, yet help them still feel close and secure with you.

Promotes Physical Development

Have you ever heard of flat head syndrome? It’s pretty common nowadays. A lot of it can be attributed to parents being encouraged to put their babies to sleep on their back, but it can also happen when a child’s head is on the ground, against a swing, in a car seat, etc. for extended periods of time. While I definitely used a play mat, a swing, and a car seat, I wear Sorel even more, which kept his head away from a flat surface. It keeps their heads off hard surfaces like the ground, swings, car seats, etc which sometimes leads to flat heads. Baby Wearing is also good for hip development as long as you are carrying your baby in a good position!

It is Healthy for You, MAMA!

There is a study that was done, that proved that Baby Wearing can help with baby blues. (or PPD) It can help lift your spirits and make you feel happier and more at peace with your surroundings! Plus Baby Wearing helps burn extra calories!!!! :)

Bonding with your Baby

Not only is it a great bonding tool for mother and baby but for fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers. I LOVE when I see dads Baby Wearing, and I think it’s a great way to bond with your child. They are close to you, you can talk with them, learn their cues easier, and just feel closer over all.

You can get More Done

If you have a fussy baby that wants attention, wearing them makes it easy to complete tasks…because you have both hands to do things. :) I know I am able to do much more when I am wearing Sorel…especially on days where she is extra fussy!