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Nursing Friendly Fall Wardrobe

Ciera Dastrup


Sorel is almost 7 months old...OMG! She is still pretty much exclusively nursing, besides some purée baby food I feed her once or twice a day! Sorel’s breastfeeding journey hasn’t been tough, but it has been very different from when I nursed Marloe!

When Marloe was born she immediately was obsessed with nursing. She wanted to eat constantly & wouldn’t let be put her down. She ONLY fell asleep while nursing & nursed all night long. Marloe was not interested in a pacifier ever, and didn’t even have an interest in food until she was about 10 or 11 months. But even then...she still LOVED nursing. I stopped basically cold turkey when she was 15 months and weaning her was pretty rough.

Now fast forward to Sorel. Sorel has always been pretty great at nursing...but she literally from day one gets SO DISTRACTED that she pops off after minutes of eating to look around. She also does not nurse to sleep & wants her own space when she is falling asleep. She takes a pacifier and LOVES IT. She also is VERY interested in solid food, and wants to eat everything we are eating. She has already started nursing less & seems uninterested at times to even nurse! It’s crazy how different each baby is, and I wonder how much longer my nursing journey will last with Sorel!

Nursing friendly clothing is so important when you’re breastfeeding, especially when you’re not in the comfort of your home! It makes nursing your baby when you’re out & about much easier & stress free. Stretchy shirts, button down tops, and pants/skirts are a must have staple for breastfeeding mamas! I just cleaned through my closet & added some Fall “Nursing Friendly” staples to my wardrobe...including this gorgeous side tie denim skirt. I love pieces that can go with so many different tops or be styles in more than one way! 

I linked all my Fall Nursing Friendly clothing below!