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Bump Update - 31 Weeks

Ciera Dastrup


Can’t believe I’m 31 weeks pregnant, holy moly time has gone so so fast this pregnancy. I honestly feel like I just blinked and we are already nearing the end! No complaints though! ;) I want to share a weekly bump-date these last 10 weeks, to keep all you that care updated, and for myself—to remember these last few moments.

CURRENTLY CRAVING: Ice water, blackberries, frozen grapes, and banana bread. Also peanut butter protein shakes!!!!!!!! Yum.

SYMPTOMS: Braxton Hicks contractions, neck & lower back pain (mainly at night), round ligament pain, & my boobs kill. Also I am definitely at that stage where I pee literally every ten minutes. & good sleep doesn’t exist anymore.

WEIGHT GAIN: Overall I’ve gained 20 pounds. I gained 25 total with Marloe, so I’m thinking I’ll definitely gain around 30 this pregnancy. I feel great though, so no complaining or focusing on weight gain for me! Hoping for a chunky baby.

WORK OUTS: I typically make it to the gym 4-5 times a week. But try and workout every day. I do light cardio, about 15-20 minutes of inclined walking or stair climber. Then I do 30-45 minutes of weights. I switch off between arms, core/upper body, and legs/booty! I stretch after every workout, and that makes ALL the difference.

RECENT MATERNITY BUYS: I have bought lots sweats & sweatshirts, because when I am at home that is all I wear. I plan on wearing lots of sweats after I have the baby too, so they serve a double purpose. :) I also have gotten 4 nursing bras, and plan on buying many more. I went through them so fast with Marloe, and was constantly washing milk stains out of them. I like a mix between comfy lace bras to wear around the house, and normal wire ones that I can wear under my clothes. Even workout maternity bras are awesome to have. Makes it a lot easier! (Linked all my favorites below) I also have gotten lots of stretch mark creams and oils that I also used with Marloe. I didn’t get any stretch marks with my first pregnancy, and I think that had everything to do with gaining weight slowly & all the creams I used lol. Also I LOVE compression socks, helps to keep your blood flowing to your legs, and even helps prevent varicose/spider veins. 

MINDSET: I am in total nesting mode. I actually don't remember feeling this way with Marloe, like I feel with this second pregnancy. I am in preparation mode, and feel like I need everything to be clean and organized. I also feel much pickier about the products I am buy in this time around because I now know what I like and don't like. I still haven't packed a hospital bag, and will focus on that in the next few weeks!!!! I am SO exited for labor (loved my first experience), and I am so ready to meet our sweet girl.

BABY NAME: We have a name most likely picked out, but we have only told close family and friends. Colten came up with Marloe's name, and even this next baby's name....so he's on a roll, and does a pretty good job with it. :)