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Maternity Dresses - 33 Week Bump Update

Ciera Dastrup


As my baby belly grows, I am definitely drawn to more and more fitted clothing because when I wear loose dresses/shirts, they tend to look more like a tent on me. Tighter fitting dresses are definitely the way to go the further along you get, and help showcase that cute bump even more!  I have been wearing so so many of them lately and I have a ton of suggestions, should you need the perfect color or style for a perfect event or church. 

I usually only wear dresses to church on Sunday in the Winter. But on warmer days or in the Spring/Summer....I love love wearing dresses. Pants start to get way to snug, and not all maternity pants are super comfy or flattering to wear every day. So dresses seem to be my go-to for these last few months of pregnancy. 

I shared some of my favorite Maternity body con dresses below!!! :)


CURRENTLY CRAVING: Weirdest thing ever happened these last few weeks. I wake up not wanting ANYTHING for breakfast. I am usually such a breakfast eater, so this is strange for me....But I force myself to have a protein shake & fig bar! I think eating in the last few months sucks. You feel like there is zero room in your stomach for anything...

SYMPTOMS: Braxton Hicks contractions per usual. And lately crazy bad headaches at night. I literally am SO ready to get this baby out!!!!!!!

WEIGHT GAIN: The baby is getting bigger and bigger! I have gained 25 pounds so far, and don't really care that much about the # on the scale! Its all about how I am feeling at this point. :)

WORK OUTS: Haven't been to the gym as consistently these last 2 weeks, because we have had so many different things going on. I have had multiple doctor appointments, meeting with our realtor, and looking at houses! But I try to go at least 3 times a week, and if not, I'll do a quick home workout/yoga!

HOME UPDATE: We are on the search for a home here in Seattle. Its been kind of crazy, but I think we decided on a MAJOR fixer upper. We have put an offer on the home, and we are waiting to hear back. If it falls through then we will most likely look for a turn key home that we can move into right away. I just like the idea of a fixer upper better, because then we can customize it to our liking!!! 

MINDSET: Still very much in nesting mode, and trying to get all the little things done before the baby arrives. I have yet to pack my hospital bag, but I have gone through all of Marloe's old baby things and pulled them out of storage. I plan installing the carseat at the end of this month (because you never know!!!) & of course getting my hospital bag packed next week! 

MOST EXCITED ABOUT: Seeing and holding my new baby, duh!!! I am so curious of what she looks like and how she will fit into our family!

MOST NERVOUS ABOUT: Adjusting to life with 2 kiddos. I am nervous about losing 1:1 time with Marloe, and being stuck inside all day with her because I am nursing a baby all day. :(