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How to Dress that Awkward Early Pregnancy Stage

Ciera Dastrup

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If you missed it, I just announced recently that we are expecting our second baby! I am 14 weeks along, and feel great now that I am passed the morning sickness phase. This pregnancy has been really similar to my pregnancy with Marloe, except for the fact that I began showing WAY SOONER. I have my first doctors appointment here in Seattle in just a few weeks, and I am hoping they can see what gender the baby is by then. I am seriously SO anxious to find out, and I know Ill have to stay away from the baby section in stores or else I'll buy EVERYTHING....

I swear I found out I was pregnant (@ 3 weeks) and almost immediately started showing. The thing that sucks about the First trimester and beginning of the second trimester is how awkward your bump looks. It usually just looks like a bloated belly, and your clothes don't fit right but you're not quite ready for actual maternity clothes either.....UGH! Right now I find myself holding my belly all the time so that people can see that I am pregnant and don't just think I have a weird shaped stomach....haha!

Almost none of my skinny jeans fit anymore, and I can barely zip up the majority of my skirts/dresses. I found some cute clothing pieces recently that actually look super cute on my growing bump, so I decided to put together a post today featuring some of my finds! These are non-maternity so I am sure they would look cute on anyone too, even if you're not in that early (awkward) pregnancy phase like me.

I bought lots of midi skirts for this pregnancy. Dresses look kind of awkward if they are loose or form fitting right now because I don't have a distinctive bump. & I love that you can put the skirts anywhere on your waist to either extenuate or hide your bump (if thats what you want). In these photos I am wearing a size up in the skirt so that it can fit loosely on my stomach, but the other skirts I bought I wear right below my chest, and the top of my bump. Wearing them high helps to showcase your bump a bit more---in a super cute way!

I also always buy a size up now. I prefer looser fitting blouses and shirts at this point in my pregnancy. But once I start showing more the shirts will begin to get tighter and I love the way form fitting shirts look on a big cute bump!!! Also, I am all about plaid button ups right now, because they look cute in early/mid pregnancy stage. Once you get to big and can't button them up anymore, they still look great layered and unbuttoned or tied around the bottom of your waist!!