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Showered With Love

Ciera Dastrup

Thank you VTech for sponsoring this post. Check out the VTech VM342 Video Monitor with Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens to keep an eye on your little one!

Earlier this month we visited my sister in law in Seattle, and got to shower her and her baby with some love!! She is due this Winter with a baby girl, and we are sooo excited for her! We threw her a little Winter wonderland themed party for her little Winter baby! I feel like just yesterday I was pregnant with my baby girl, and I am so stoked for my sis in law to have a girl of her own!!!

I thought long and hard what I wanted to get her for this baby! I remember when I was pregnant with Marloe, that I was so unsure of what I really needed. I got distracted by all the frilly dresses, and colorful bows that I didn't fully realize that I was missing the necessities. I partnered with Vtech today & their VTech VM342 Video Monitor with Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens. I put the Vtech Monitor up in Marloe's room and immediately fell in love with it. It works amazingly, and I love the wide & standard lens feature! I knew right away I wanted to get one for my sister in law too.

I hosted a small get together with family in Seattle, where we ate good food, shared our favorite memories with each other, and celebrated her soon to be new baby! I couldn't wait to show her the gift I got her. I knew she would absolutely love it, like I loved mine! When she opened it she was so excited, because she knew how crucial a good monitor was!! I told her all about it's awesome features, and she cant wait to put it to use with her new baby.

Some awesome features:

-High-resolution, 4.3-inch color LCD screen

-Soothing sounds and lullabies

-170-degree wide-angle lens

-Multiple viewing options

-Automatic infrared night vision

-Up to 1,000 feet of range

Available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and vtechphones.com

I really had no clue before I had a baby how important a good monitor was. I honestly that it was an unnecessary expensive purchase. But the truth is, they are LIFE SAVERS. If you're a new/expecting mom you are going to want to buy or register for the VTech VM342 Video Monitor or any other of VTech's amazing array of monitors. You will be prepared right off the back, and understand right away how crucial a monitor is! :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.