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Organization Tips to Live By

Ciera Dastrup

I am naturally an organized person. As a young kid, I was obsessed with organizing things. Other kids would be outside playing, while I would be inside organizing my drawers, and folding my underwear into perfect little squares. I was a total weirdo...and surprisingly when High school hit, I completely grew out of it, and was left with jumbled drawers and a messy closet. 

When I got married, I tried REALLY hard to be organized. When Colten and I first got married I didn't have a job or a hyper toddler running around....so it was easy to focus solely on cleaning the house and getting things done. Now, not so much haha. I learned early on after starting my blog, AND becoming a mother that I need to be organized or I will go insane. I get easily overwhelmed if things don't go the way they're supposed to, or things aren't in their place. So I came up with a few guides on how I keep my personal & blog/business life organized.

  1. Make sure you have a place for everything. One thing I cannot stand is when there are random toys or things just thrown all over my house. Even if the house is pretty clean, it drives me nuts to see things not in their place. Sometime's items just don't have a set spot, so I have a designated junk drawer where I can throw all the random stuff into. Be sure your kiddos know where things go too, even if you have small children!
  2. Follow a routine. I am not a die hard routine follower. But I do feel like kids just do better with routine, and it makes the day run a lot more smoothly. My morning routine, is the one that I cannot break. I have to wake up and go to the gym, or my whole day is ruined. I need that moment to myself, while Marloe is in daycare to get out my energy, and do something for me. I definitely think all parents need some "me" time, and it really helps you to be a better parent. Make some "you" time as part of your daily or weekly routine. Also, naps are a must stick-with daily routine over here. When Marloe naps, thats my opportunity to get my work stuff done. Like right now Marloe is currently napping, and I am busy typing away. It would be near impossible to get anything done on my blog if I had her by my feet or on my lap right now.
  3. Meal Plan. I scroll endlessly through Pinterest, and pin any recipe that I know my family will love. I feel like meal planning is not only good for you and your family, but also not worrying about what to make each day really free's up some extra time to get some work stuff done. I believe in meal planning, and have a family calendar with meal ideas for each day. I usually go to the grocery store that week and stock up on everything I wanna make, so I am prepared. Some days i will leave open if we wanna go out, or order pizza, etc. 
  4. Clean out closets and bedrooms regularly. Colten is the best with cleaning out closets. We are constantly going through our drawers/dresser/closets and getting rid of anything we don't really need. It feels good knowing that not every space in our house is jam packed with random unnecessary things. An organized house, will make you feel more organized in life...and feel all around happier. 
  5. Make to-do Lists. I make a to-do list every morning when I wake up. I have a personal, and blog calendar that I look at while I make my daily list. I put down everything that NEEDS to get done that day, and everything that I WANT to get done. I always try to get all the need stuff done, and usually accomplish some of the wants as well. Lists help you feel accomplished, and it really makes it easy to know what all needs to get done that day. I will write down blog deadlines & posts on my blog calendar, and meal prep/dr. appointments on my personal calendar. If you're a blogger/ have a business I highly recommend having two calendars, that way you don't get things to jumbled up.
  6. Keep Your Car Clean. Lets face it, kids just make car's so messy. I feel ten times happier and better about life when my car isn't a black hole of crumbs, and toys. I often have to change in my car for photoshoots, and I hate having to do that in a messy car. Try to regularly keep your car clean, and throw anything unnecessary out! I keep a little box full of toys in my car for Marloe, and will change them out every so often. That way I have a place for all her things, without them being all over the place in my car.
  7. Get a planner. Lots of people put their important dates and appointments on the calendar in their phone. I definitely do that too, but also put everything down in my planners as well. That way I have a back up of what needs to be done. Like I said earlier, I have a blog planner, and a personal planner. I used to just have one, but it got so messy with all my writing, that I was constantly missing stuff, and could barely see the dates. If you have a personal/family planner, keep it in a place everyone can see. So your husband/family members can see what's going on for the week and month, and an prepare too!