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Dressed for Church + 10 Things

Ciera Dastrup


It's been a long week, and I just can't wait for this month to end!!! I have a trip to Hawaii the first week of August, and some other exciting things happening that month. Lately our days have consisted of splash pads, otter pops, and binge watching survivor. Colten and I are currently obsessed with that show, and I seriously wanna be on it so bad!!

Marloe is at such a fun stage right now, she is so responsive and super sweet to Colten and I. It's so bittersweet to see your baby grow into a talking/walking toddler. Today I wanted to share 10 things about Marloe I love, mostly so I never forget these things.


(Age 19 months)

-She loves putting on my hats, shoes, and clothes. She prances around the house, feeling like such a big girl.

-At night she puts her hand in the top of my shirt (because it's warm), and she snuggles so close to me before falling asleep.

-Anytime she spills or makes a mess, she runs to the hand towel drawer and grabs a towel to clean up the mess.

-She gets super stressed when something dramatic happens in her kid shows. She puts her hands on her face, and goes "oh no"!!! It's so so cute.

-When Colten gets home she get so excited, she runs around acting super hyper and...giggling like crazy.

-She will go up to Chooiee when he is sleeping, and look at me saying "shhhhh"!!! Then she lays her head on him pretending to sleep too. :)

-When she wants more of something, she says "moyee", she used to say "more" correctly, but one day switched to saying it the other way and hasn't stopped. It's pretty dang cute though.

-She can mimic pretty much whatever Colten or I say or do. She is such a little copycat, and we have to really watch our words and actions around her.

-She loves singing the Elmo theme song. It's so darling hearing her sing the "la la la la" part! 

-She has to share food with me, and usually wants whatever is on my plate, instead of hers. I will sit down to eat, and she will run to the utensil drawer saying "Spoon, fork!!" So she can eat my food.


Today I also wanted to share some of my favorite dressy items that I rounded up! These are perfect for Church, weddings, or even to wear around town. I have so many comfy clothes, but always struggle to find cute clothes for Church. I rounded up some favorite for Marloe, Colten, and I. Each piece is under $100.