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Family Sickness Remedies

Ciera Dastrup

A few weeks back Marloe woke up in the worst mood ever. She cried, and whined, and wouldn't cooperate with Colten and I at all. We were both so tired, and unsure what her deal was. After Colten left for work, I struggled to put Marloe down for her nap...and after lots of crying in my arms she finally fell asleep.

She usually goes down pretty easily and quickly so I was confused what was going on. She woke up 30 minutes later (her naps are usually 2-3 hours) so I was stunned and let her come downstairs as I folded laundry. She seemed so uncomfortable, and I started to realize that her stomach was hurting her. And a few minutes after I made that discovery, she puked....all....over...me....and my clean laundry. This was her first time having the flu, so I felt helpless and was so unsure of how to help her. On top of it all, she also had a little cold, so she was extra miserable. I tried my best to make her feel better and tried every trick I knew. It seemed to have worked because she only threw up one other time, and was feeling better by that night!
The very next day, Colten got the exact same flu. After a full day of taking care of Marloe being sick, here I was taking care of my husband for another day. I tried the same soothing remedies for him as well, and he got better the very next day as well. But, that night, I of course got sick. It was the worst! I felt terrible, and Colten had to work...so here I was watching a toddler all while feeling miserable. I applied the same remedies I used on Marloe and Colten and I was better in no time!

Below are my sickness remedies for a cold/flu for you and your little ones!

DoTerra Oils:

I SWEAR by essential oils all the time, but especially when I am sick. I use my diffuser and diffuse "On Guard" next to my bedside, or in whatever room we plan on being in. Another oil I love diffusing, that has been known to help with nausea is "Peppermint" oil. Personally essential oils calm me down, and help me to relax when I feel sick. I get my DoTerra oils from Michelle Cannon! 


I have a humidifier I keep in hallway closet, and move it around when someone gets sick in our house. I either put it in our bedroom or in the downstairs living room. Humidifiers are awesome and put moisture back into the air, which can create a lot of benefits for you and your family. A 2013 study showed that increasing humidity levels to 43 percent or above significantly reduced the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu infections. I also keep on in Marloe's room, and have it going every other day. I use this and this one for Marloe.

Nose Frida:

This is specifically for your little ones (infants/toddlers). I got a Nose Frida SnotSucker for my baby shower, when I was pregnant with Marloe and I thought..."There is NO WAY I am using this". Well, my friends, I have used it countless times...and believe its essential if you have a baby. Keep your baby's nostrils clear naturally. The ingeniously simple design of the NoseFrida® features a 15" long tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside), and you suck the boogers out using the tube. I have used it so many times when Marloe gets colds, and especially loved it when she was an infant. 

Ice Chips:

When you have the Flu, and cant keep food down, ice chips are the way to go. They help keep you hydrated, while also somewhat satisfying your hunger. I have Colten run to Sonic, and buy a large cup of ice with lime flavoring. Their ice is the best, and I always start to feel less nauseas when I have a cup of ice. 

Chest Rub:

I have baby chest rub I put on Marloe when she has a cold, but also Adult chest rub for when Colten and I are sick. The smell of eucalyptus always helps clear our sinuses, and soothes us as well. I linked my favorites below.

Lavender Bath:

I buy this bath soap to put in our baths when we are sick. Nothing is more calming than a soothing bath when you or your kids are sick. I feel like its one of the only times during my sickness, that I can actually relax. I also love these bath bombs.

Herbal Tea:

I am not a huge hot drink fan, but when I am sick.....it's all I want! I love lemon tea with honey when I have a cold or sore throat. Colten also really loves tea when he is sick as well. This is our favorite brand. 

Linked more of my favorites below!