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Baby to Toddler Gear Upgrade

Ciera Dastrup

Thanks to Old Navy and Collectively for Sponsoring this Post*

Today while Marloe was asleep, Colten and I both looked at each other and we were both thinking the same thing....that our baby looked like a toddler! We couldn't believe how big she looked sleeping, she now looked more like a kid and less like our little baby. (But let's face it, she will always be our baby!)

It got me thinking about how fast time goes, and how you truly need to cherish every moment and every stage. Her baby stage seems like just yesterday, but also a million years ago. She is now so big, smart, and talkative. She has a strong stubborn personality, and knows exactly what she wants. It's so crazy to watch my tiny baby turn into a beautiful little soul with hopes & dreams. 

It'll be crazy when she gets even older, and we add more babies into our lives. I hope I continue to cherish every moment with her, while also continuing to love my other babies just as much. 

I transitioned a lot of Marloe's baby toys, gear, and products over when she started to transition to being a toddler (a little after she turned 1). It was sad to say goodbye to her infant car seat, toys, and ESPECIALLY clothes. But its also awesome seeing your baby grow healthy and strong.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite things and products I have gotten for Marloe, now that she is bigger. A lot of these can be used for babies of any stage too. Also below is a short list of things that were hard for me to say goodbye to.











Man there are so many things I miss, but one thing I love is the toddler section girl clothing!!! There are so many more options for toddlers than there are for babies. I go to Old Navy weekly and update Marloe's wardrobe (and mine ton of course). I'm loving Old Navy's new June collection (wearing above)!! The mix of black and white, and super cute patterns has me all heart eyes over here.