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Summertime With a Toddler

Ciera Dastrup

Thanks to Seventh Generation for Sponsoring this Post

Summer days are my favorite. There are so many more choices of fun activities to do outside, and Marloe and I love being outside! I try to get most of my blogging and work done early in the mornings during Marloe's nap....that way we have the whole day to play together! Being a Mom in the Summer is so much easier lol. In the cooler months it gets so hard entertaining a toddler indoors all day and it can get pretty boring and a little depressing at times. So the warmer temperatures make me so happy because now we have a full list of activities we can do together.

Our days now consist of swimming, eating outdoors at our favorite cafes, zoos and aquariums, and just about anything outside. We take Chooiee to the park and have a picnic while we watch him run. Although the problem with living in New Mexico in general and especially in the summer is the DRY heat. The air is so dry and Marloe's sensitive skin gets so bumpy and itchy if she isn't moisturized enough. I have been looking everywhere for organic baby products that are not only good for her but good for the environment! I was so happy to discover Seventh Generation’s Coconut Care line that meets both those needs. 

Today I am partnering with Seventh Generation and featuring their new Seventh Generation Coconut Care baby line. Ever since we got the products (available at Target BTW), I have taken them with me everywhere. I keep the Coconut Care Moisture Lotion in my diaper bag and apply it on her whenever her skin is feeling or looking a little dry. It’s made with organic coconut oil and absorbs so nicely into her skin. To go along with their new lotion, they launched a diaper cream as well. You guys, this DIAPER CREAM IS THE BEST. Period. For some reason swim diapers always irritate Marloe's diaper area. So I apply the new Coconut Care diaper cream on her, before and after she climbs into the water. It helps protect her from diaper rash and irritation caused by her wet swim diaper. It’s a must have in general though, because all babies and toddlers get diaper rash, and it’s good to be prepared.

Seventh Generations Coconut Care line is a natural USDA Certified Bio-based product with a unique non-toxic formula that is not only pediatrician-tested, it contains no mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde donors. Which basically means, it’s lovingly formulated with pure coconut oil to soothe the most delicate of skin. Although, truth be told, they already had me at COCONUT OIL haha! 

I love Summer and am planning on taking full advantage of the warm sunny weather this year. I will be taking my Seventh Generation Coconut Care line with me every step of the way too. Head to your local Target or online at Target.com to get it for your sweet summertime babies!