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Life Update

Ciera Dastrup

OUTFIT: My whole outfit is from Old Navy's Havana Prep line! I love their use of bold prints, bright florals, and denim. I paired these denim shorts , with this floral top. And Marloe is wearing the cutest Old Navy shorts! Also, sharing my favorite with Old Navy's Havana Collection below.

Thought I would share a little life update with you all today! So....we are still in Albuquerque! We thought we would be in Seattle in January, then we thought FOR SURE May, and now we are hoping for July.

Construction of Colten's new Park we are opening in Seattle is still underway, and construction just never starts or ends when they say. So here we are still in Abq.

We actually really grew to love it here. When we first moved I was sooo depressed about living here and all the brown. There aren't a lot of trees/grass here and that was (and still is) super hard to get used to. But we met some amazing friends, love where we love where we live...so I had to deal with the brown!

We love the sunny days, and warm temperatures. I will probably really miss the sun when we move to rainy Seattle, but I am honestly so excited for the new adventure of living there. We still aren't sure if we are going to buy or rent in Seattle, we want to settle down there for a few years...but still aren't sure if we want to commit to buying.

Also, having a second baby is on our mind! Colten sooo badly wants me to get pregnant again, and for a while I wasn't so sure I was ready. But lately I have felt so ready, and am crazy baby hungry. I just get anxious about pregnancy and where we will be living/moving this year. Not knowing drives me nuts!

Anyway, I'll be doing a life update every so often to fill you peeps in on my crazy life haha. We have an eventful year planned, and I can't wait to show you what's in store!


Thanks to Old Navy & Collectively for sponsoring this post* #SAYHI