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June Clothing Roundup

Ciera Dastrup

Anyone else guilty of being a clothing hoarder?? I totally am. I used to keep clothes because of the memories I had in them, or because "I might wear them again". HA HA. I just couldn't let go of some things, even if I hadn't worn them in years.

Recently I read a post about wardrobe minimalism that completely changed my outlook on everything. In the article it talked about a few ways to figure out what to get rid of in your closet. One of the ways was going through each item and asking yourself "if I were in a store, would I buy this item now??" If the answer is immediately NO, then throw it out! I went through my closet right then and there and got rid of SO much. When I saw the massive pile, I got kind of sad and started to feel myself want to put some things back in my closet....but I stayed strong and let it all go!

It's been a few weeks, and guess what??? I don't miss any of it, in fact I don't even remember 90% of what I got rid of. I had old high school & college clothing in that bag that I wouldn't even dream of wearing now. So seeing it go to a better home, actually felt kind of good.

I want my style now to reflect who I am as a wife & mama. I want clothing that stylish, comfortable, and modest. I'm all about functionality, and something I can wear without my boobs or butt falling out while I am wrangling a toddler lol.

I rounded up some of my recent purchases for my rejuvenated wardrobe, and some other items I have had my eyes on! Shop below :)

Photos by Gabe Segura*