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Fathers Day Gifts Round Up

Ciera Dastrup

Thanks to Johnnie-O & Stylinity for sponsoring this post

Fathers are so special. They are your first loves, protect you like no other, and make you feel like the most important person in the world. Colten is no exception to that. He is the biggest blessing in our lives. Marloe and our future kiddos are so fortunate to call him theirs.

Marloe loves her daddy. Lately she cuddles with him to fall asleep at night, gives him the best hugs, and wants her daddy to play and run around with her constantly. He makes her laugh like no one else, and he works to give her and I everything!! Everyday I ask myself how I got so lucky!

For Fathers Day this year, Colten told me he didn't want anything. (Like every year) That he had everything he needed....in fact he even gifted me a Spa day for his Fathers Day gift. Who does that??? Only the sweetest human ever!

I wanted to surprise him with a few gifts anyways. He does so much for our family, that I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him. I teamed up with Johnnie-O today share a couple of my favorite pieces from their site. They make high quality men apparel, and the pieces I selected are perfect for these hot Summer months. 

When I met Colten, I noticed a lot of his amazing attributes, but one that stood out immediately was how well dressed he was. He had such great style, and put an effort into looking his best. Through the years he has continued to dress his best, but now spends his money on us rather than himself! I am sure so many of you have a father in your life that does the same thing. They work so hard for us, so Father's Day is our one day to focus completely on them!!

I picked out this Denim Button up from Johnnie-O's site, and surprised Colten with it for an early Fathers Day gift. He was shocked, and super in love with my choice for him! He looks handsome as ever, and I love making him smile! The shirt quality is amazing, and I definitely will be picking up some more for him in the future. Our dad's deserve the world, and Johnnie-O can help you give them something awesome.

Below are some perfect Fathers Day gift ideas from Johnnie-O! Also, my readers get 20 % off with code YTC20, expires 6/19/17