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My Best Skin

Ciera Dastrup

                                      My natural lashes are SOOOOO long now, after using the Lash Boost Serum. (Read more Below)

                                      My natural lashes are SOOOOO long now, after using the Lash Boost Serum. (Read more Below)

About twelve weeks ago I had a Rodan & Fields skincare consultant named Melissa reach out to me about trying and reviewing their skincare. I had heard some amazing things about R&F, and was super eager to give it a try. She asked me some questions about my skin type, and had me go online and fill out a quick survey about any skin concerns I had. This survey showed me exactly what R&F skincare would best treat my unique skin type and the problems I was having.

Melissa (my R&F consultant) quickly followed up, and sent out a package of their REVERSE regimen. This collection was a full range of products for skin discoloration concerns—from dullness to stubborn dark marks and age spots. I have fairly clear skin (except some hormonal acne), so my main concern has been dark spots and dull skin. I was in the sun a lot growing up, and although I have olive skin tone, I've got lots and lots of freckles. These dark spots make my skin appear dull, and the sun damage is pretty apparent without makeup. Rodan + Fields was created by the doctors who created ProActiv and they have different lines for different skin concerns like acne, sun damage, sensitivities, and wrinkles. So there is something for everyone for anyone of your skin issues.

I was super excited to begin this regimen, and see my results. Melissa had me exclusively using the REVERSE R&F skincare for 12 weeks. I just finished my 12 weeks, and am so excited to share the results with you. 

The REVERSE collection she sent me had four simple steps:

1.REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash 
2.REVERSE Skin Lightening Toner
3.REVERSE Skin Lightening Treatment 
4.REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen 

Each bottle is labeled in order 1,2,3,4 for each step, making it easy and simple to use. I am going to talk a little in detail about my skincare routine with these R&F products, and what I loved about each of them/how they worked for me!

1.REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash:

I LOVED this exfoliating wash. I first wash all my makeup off at night using a gentle makeup cleanser. After that, I put a small dab of the REVERSE exfoliating wash on my fingers, and gently scrubbed away. I scrubbed in a circular motion, making sure I touched my entire face. I wash it off with cool/warm water and dab my face dry with a towel. The exfoliating wash helped my skin to feel clean and refined. I use it every other day, and have slowly see over time that my skin looks clearer, and has more of a glow to it.

2.REVERSE Skin Lightening Toner:

Everyone needs a good toner in their skincare routine. This toner was one of my favorites I have ever used. I apply evenly to the entire face with a fresh ESSENTIALS Gauze Pads, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse off. Allow to dry. Use once daily and increase to twice daily as tolerated, or use as directed by a doctor. This toner helps to fade really persistent discoloration. 

3.REVERSE Skin Lightening Treatment:

This is the third step after using the toner. I let my skin dry a bit before evenly applying this treatment. It helps to target dark spots and discoloration to help fade them and even your skin tone. It works so well, and a few weeks later I noticed a big difference in the darkness of my sun spots.

4.REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen:

Step four is meant for preventing! Its a moisturizing sunscreen that has a unique complex of stabilized Avobenzone and colorless carotenoids. It provides long term protection to help ensure that the REVERSE Regimen continues to help with early signs of aging. This is the last and final step, after I applied the sunscreen I let it dry before applying my makeup!


I noticed a major difference in my skin tone, and the evenness in the color of my skin. I strictly used the REVERSE regimen for 12 weeks, and believe that is a reason I saw such a great difference. I definitely would recommend this product and the whole R&F family of skincare products to anyone struggling with skin issues, or if you're wanting an amazing skincare anyway! Along with using the REVERSE skincare, I used the LASH BOOST serum every night before bed. I was a bit skeptical if it would work to help grow my lashes longer. I had eyelash extensions years ago that really damaged my eyelashes and I was eager to try anything to help my natural lashes grow long again. I have to say it works, and fast too. I noticed a visible difference in the first month, and now rarely wear mascara throughout the day because my natural lashes are longer snd thicker. I posted a picture above without mascara on, and you can see just how long my natural lashes are. :)

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