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How to Prevent and Fade Stretch Marks

Ciera Dastrup

One thing (among many other things) that I was worried about when I became pregnant, was getting stretch marks. I was told time and time again that stretch marks were hereditary and that if your mother got them, then you were going to as well.
Well my mom, and sister both had gotten stretch marks on their stomachs during pregnancy and they both stayed pretty fit throughout their pregnancies too....so I figured I was without a doubt going to get them as well. Stretch marks aren't the worst thing in the world, but I wasn't going to throw the towel in and accept the fact that I was going to get them...so I stocked up on TONS of prevention stretch mark cream.
EVERYNIGHT from the day I found out I was pregnant I applied creams and oils, and went to bed in a puddle of all this stuff, haha, Colten hated how sticky I was when I climbed in bed. The last month of my pregnancy everyone told me that's when the stretch marks usually showed up, so I was extra crazy about putting on all my lotions and oils.
The week before I gave birth, I still had none....the day I gave birth....still none! I was honestly so surprised, I thought for sure I would get them. But I didn't, so I strongly believe in preventative stretch mark creams.
One product I absolutely loved and plan on using for the next time we decide to get pregnant is Apothederm's stretch mark prevention cream. I rubbed 1 quarter sized amount all over my hips and stomach in a circular motion every or every other night when I was pregnant with Marloe. This stuff has amazing reviews from other mamas that swear it works, like me!
Stretch marks truly are a beautiful sign of how amazing our bodies are at bringing life into this world, but we can still try to prevent them as much as we can right???


Visible results in as little as 2 weeks with continued improvement over time

Evens skin tone

Improves skin texture and smoothness

Protects the skin to help prevent future stretch marks

Reduces the appearance of both red and silver stretch marks

Helps support and firm the skin

Leaves skin soft and moisturized

Effective for old or new stretch marks


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