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Rio Grande Adventure

Ciera Dastrup

I love discovering new cool places around where I live. Sometimes I will go down a street I have never been on, and see something beautiful on the side of the road and pull over.
That just so happened to happen in these photos. I had just left a nearby greenhouse and was mapping my way home, when I saw this insanely gorgeous location. It happens to be a popular farm, that celebrities come to when they're in Albuquerque...BUT I had no clue, and immediately pulled over and got out!

I am a very spontaneous person, and I love making memories and adventuring with my family. I had packed Marloe a little snack in the car for our trip, so I grabbed it & my new cute JJ Cole Caprice Bag-Black Tri Stitch and we explored.

There was beautiful beautiful barns on big grassy fields, with horses and llamas everywhere. We didn't get any pictures of the animals, but I promise they were there! There was also a big white farm house, next to a lavender field. It was seriously breathtakingly beautiful. For those of you who haven't been to Albuquerque or New Mexico in general, not a lot of people have grass in their yards. It gets pretty warm here and for some reason everything is zeroscaped with just rocks/plants. I am not a fan of that at all, I LOVE grass. So the fact that there was grassy fields everywhere here made me one happy girl.

The road we were on was really close to the Rio Grande River which is partly why it's so dang beautiful. Everything near the river is 10 times greener. Anyway, while Marloe and I were exploring we sat down and had a little snack from her First Years toss and go plates. These things are seriously amazing. They are plastic plates that snap together to make a little lunch box, but when you open it you have two plates for easy eating!

We didn't walk around long, but I could have stayed for hours. The temperture was so perfect, it was later in the day so the sun wasn't in our eyes, and it was all around peaceful! Adventuring with my gal-pal is so fun! We have the best times together! Now we're off to another adventure! :)

Photos By Gabe Segura*