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3 Skincare Tools You Need

Ciera Dastrup

Let's talk about skincare. Isn't it crazy how the clearness of your skin can make you feel so good, or so bad?! On days where I have a zit, or my skin just isn't cooperating, I feel much less confident and notice I keep to myself more.

When I was in High school I was so bad to my skin! I went to sleep with makeup on (BIG No-No!), didn't drink enough water, and rarely followed any sort of skincare routine. I also touched my face WAY too much. If I had a tiny bit of acne, I would mess with it and pick at my face like crazy....which only made matter worse, and spread the germs all over my face.

My senior year in high school, I finally started to really take care of my skin. I remember scrolling endlessly through Pinterest and reading lots of tips on how to have clear glowing skin. I started a routine then, and have kept and updated it since.

I love skincare and it's something I'm super passionate about. I love trying new things, and seeing what works for my skin. There are lots of products I use, but today I am going to focus on 3 skincare TOOLS that I swear by!


I have used an electric cleansing brush for the last few years, but recently switched to this Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. I love how it comes in this little kit, and is so easy to take with me on the go when I travel. Its crazy how much dirt and makeup are still left behind after washing your face. Using an electric cleansing brush, not only exfloliates your skin, but goes deeper into your pores to clean your skin and remove all thats left behind! Use my unique link HERE to get 70% OFF this Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa system.


A little while back I saw a Youtube video posted by a famous beauty influencer talking about these razors. They help remove fine hair on your face (when you don't want or have time to tweeze). It helps remove dry skin, and leaves your skin softer and smoother, which helps your makeup go on easier. I love these facial razors!


"Tired of harsh chemical treatments and complicated skincare devices? The Revive Professional Ice Roller can instantly reduce inflammation and give your skin a gorgeous glow while helping fight the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and enlarged pores." I have one of these, and am obsessed with it! On mornings when my face is red or puffy, this ice roller helps to calm my skin, and bring life into it!

Photos By Gabe Segura*