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Night out With My Loves

Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: Jeans//Top//Jacket//Bag//Bracelet//Earrings//Sunglasses//Sneakers

We got back from our quick Park City trip and already fell right back into routine. I love routines, but I also love changing it up every once in a while.

Our mornings usually stay the same and that's pretty important to mine and Marloe's schedule. Things just work out better in the mornings when we have our daily routine, and it coincides well with her nap time too. But I love when Colten comes home from work later in the afternoon, and we go out on a spontaneous family adventure! Wether it's heading to the park with Chooiee, going shopping, or even attending a local event! This happened yesterday, and although it threw me off guard it was SO nice to change things up from normal dinner/tv/bath/bed schedule at night. Colten called me yesterday and told me he wanted to go to a baseball game. I am not a huge baseball fan, but I love attending live sports games! He ordered tickets, and we decided to sit on the grass viewing area rather than the normal uncomfortable seats.

Marloe ran around, we ate greasy food, and we just had an amazing time! The weather was AMAZING, and I just felt so happy being there with my little fam. I love spontaneous moments like that, and I believe in going with the flow in life. :)

Now a little info on my outfit. I partnered with 7 Charming Sisters to pick out and feature some of their jewelry pieces from their site. I don't wear jewelry a lot and I should! I actually LOVE the way I look in earrings but I just always forget.
I picked out this set of earrings, and I love them! They are definitely more out there than earrings I would normally wear, but I think its good to get out of your comfort zone and try new styles! I also picked out this bracelet, and haven't taken it off since. It is such a cute piece, and black goes with everything!

Photos By Gabe Segura*