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Greenhouse Wanderers

Ciera Dastrup


Colten and I did some yard work the other day, and I decided I wanted to get some flowers to plant in one of our flower pots. I know big box stores sell flowers, but I wanted to find a nearby greenhouse or nursery to shop at like I did growing up with my mom.

Anyone that knows my mom, knows she LOVES planting flowers. She spends hundreds each Spring buying flowers, and countless hours planting them. I remember growing up, she would pick me up from dance and make me go to a flower nursery with her. I loved it, the humid air inside the greenhouse, the colorful blooms, and I loved that it meant Summer was soon approaching.

I was probably the only child in my family to actually enjoy gardening with her. I love being outside, planting flowers, and watching them grow and flourish! Now that we live in NM, and we are renting a home that doesn't really have space for a big garden or anything green really...I really miss my moms big flower garden and acre of green grass.

I found his greenhouse online, and took Marloe with me to go flower shopping! I put Marloe inside a wagon, and we walked and walked through the rows of flowers. This greenhouse was incredible and even had a cactus greenhouse that was amazing!!! Marloe had an amazing time and kept sniffing the flowers, going "Mmmmmm..!" It's so fun going off and doing activities with her, we have the best times!

You guys, I want to talk about two things I LOVE switching up, and am pretty obsessed with. Diaper bags/Bags & Phone Cases! I have so many phone cases, and seriously switch up my case every two weeks or so, or even coordinate it with my outfit. I received some cases from Ideal of Sweden, and seriously couldn't be more in love with them. They aren't only cute, but super high quality and protect my phone. I have had other 'cute' cases that are cheap plastic and break within a few weeks of using them. But my new Ideal of Sweden cases don't seem like they're breaking anytime soon!

Having a toddler means your phone gets thrown and tossed everywhere. I could buy really bulky hideous protective cases, BUT, I am not about to turn away from my personal style just to protect my phone from my grabby toddler. Good thing I don't have to choose with these Ideal of Sweden phone cases. I shared some of my favorites here & below. Also, use code "CIERA" FOR 20% OFF.


Photos By Gabe Segura*