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7 Things Moms' Hate Hearing

Ciera Dastrup

Thought I should write up this post, because I have been getting a lot of comments like these lately. I truly am not one to get offended, and usually let things roll off my shoulders....but others may not feel the same. If you say these things, maybe think before you talk next time haha! These are some things "Moms" hate hearing!! 

Photos By Sarah Ellefson*

1- "You're (pretty, fit, beautiful, stylish, etc.) FOR a mom"

This one always makes me laugh. If you give someone a compliment, don't even put the would FOR in there. It really lessons the compliment, and makes us feel like there is a lower standard for us moms!

2- "It must be nice to stay home all day"

Nahhhhhhhh....it gets lonely, boring, and there is only so much conversation you can have with a 1 year old. Also, it's not like we just sit around all day, we are usually cleaning, feeding, more cleaning, playing with kids, and then planning what cleaning we will do tomorrow.

3- "You look tired"

Believe it or not, most of the people that have said this comment to me were other females. Let's just STOP with this one. YES, I look tired because I am woken up countless times in the night (especially early on) to a baby that thinks I am a 24 hour milk cafe. Even if I have bags under my eyes that could reach my knees, please don't tell me I look tired. I guarantee I already know.

4- "You look like such a mom"

What does that mean? I look tired?? Have spit up on my shirt?? Have yesterday's makeup on(or none at all)??? This comment is especially annoying when it's said by a younger female, who also happens to have smaller hips, and no children.......

5- “If that were my child, I’d [fill in the blank]!”

Let me stop you right there.....it's not your child. The end.

6- "Please watch your child"

Yep. People have said that to me countless times. Once we took our 1 year old to the dog park with our Goldendoodle (she LOVES dogs) and I let her walk around. Moments later a lady screams at me "watch your child!" My husband and I were steps away from her. Unless she is in the middle of the street, or about to fall off a cliff and I am NO-WHERE in sight, then you can tell me to watch my child. (Even then, don't!)

7- "Are you going to try for a girl/boy"

Yes, since it's totally in our control, and totally your business to know! Not! My sister who has two boys, constantly gets told, "you should try for a girl next!" Moms hate hearing this...so just stop!

I asked a group of moms to tell me things they hate hearing, leave a comment if you want me to add another! These are during/after pregnancy as well.

Valentina Riches

"You're so big"
"I can only imagine how hard it is to lose the baby weight" 
"So you're a stay at home mom.. what about work or school" 
"Was it planned"
"Oh you're so young"
"So you're not going to travel"

Morgan Allen

"Your stretch marks aren't as bad as mine"

Jami Edman

"Oh you have boys , are you going to keep trying for a girl?" 

"You have enough for a basketball team"-thats original!

Aleigh Joy Moore

 When I was pregnant with my first... "You're starting to get fat!" No, it's not fat... It's called a baby that is growing inside me. 
When my daughter was little she was screaming while I put her in the car seat and a lady walks up "are you hurting her?" Me: "uhm no. She just doesn't like her car seat. Lady: "well are you doing it right?" I think my glare said it all and she pranced away with her dog child that doesn't even need a car seat 😑

Janelle Reeves

When my autistic son was having a meltdown at Target: "He looks like he needs a good spanking!"

Kate Hancock

"How does it feel to be a teen mom?" --- I was 23 and married