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Baby Registry RE-DO

Ciera Dastrup

First off, I know I need to say that I am NOT pregnant. I am talking about 'Baby Registries" today because now after being a mom for almost a year and a half.....I look back on my early days of pregnancy, and when Marloe was a newborn and have a lot of things I wish I would've done differently. Also, Marloe was really sad when we took these photos. Her molars were coming in, and she was pretty upset :(

When I was 7 months pregnant with Marloe, Colten and I went to Target and Babies R' US and registered for our baby shower gifts. I was so excited, and ran through the isles registering for cute frilly outfits, toys, bottles, and lots of "unnecessary" things. At the time, I thought these were MUST HAVES, and ESSENTIALS. Hahahaha I was so wrong. Although I did register for a few mandatory baby items, I completely spaced the NUMBER 1 THING.....DIAPERS. I guess I am not alone, because 9 out of 20 moms forget to register for Diapers too, crazy huh? (Learn more about that HERE) I wasn't excited about diapers, so I guess it wasn't on my mind when I went through isles with the registry tag gun.

Now that I am a mom. Diapers are an everyday essential. I mean, I buy diapers more than I buy groceries most months. Babies go through diapers like crazy, and I constantly feel like I am running out. Yet, I didn't think to register for them??? Now I know better. :)

Today I teamed up with Pampers to put a PSA (public service announcement) to all new moms about the NUMBER 1 THING that they should be registering for...DIAPERS. You will thanks me later. Honestly if you got nothing but diapers for baby shower gifts, then you are one lucky mama. Also, don't just register for any diaper brand either. Pamper's Diapers should definitely be on your list of registry "essentials".