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Diaper Bag Beauty

Ciera Dastrup

As you can tell from my posts, I have a lot of diaper bags. I am kind of obsessed!!!!! I love switching up my bags every couple weeks, and have no shame in that. A lot of my diaper bags aren't actually "diaper bags" but work perfectly as one, and fit all that I need into them.

If you find a bag that fits that criteria, then it could easily be transitioned into a diaper bag. I came across this bag from Alles Bags, and I am completely smitten by it! It isn't technically a diaper bag, but works perfectly as one. It even has a separate zip compartment, that you can unzip if you want to use it as a regular handbag, or smaller diaper bag! I use the zip compartment to put diapers and wipes in. :) Use coupon code "CIERA" for a 20% discount off all regular priced items on www.allesbags.com.

A good diaper bag usually has the following:

Lots of Space

Plenty of Pockets

Comfortable/Convertible Straps


Photos By Sarah Ellefson*