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5 Things + My 10 Must Haves

Ciera Dastrup

Today, I wanted to share 5 things you might not know about me! And linking 10 of my must have items right now! By the way, some of these things are so crazy weird! Don't judge!



1-I fall asleep holding my ears. YEP. The cartilage in my ears are so soft, so growing up I would fall asleep playing with them lol....sounds so weird when I say it out loud.

2-I used to not be a "kid or baby person". I was never really the type of person that would see a new baby and want to hold them, and I just didn't like other people's kids. The exception to this was my family members, and nieces and nephews. But once Marloe was born, I definitely became a baby & kid person! She truly changed me!!!

3-I absolutely hate carbonated drinks. But I love caffeine....my favorite caffeinated drink is the Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks!

4-I danced 40+ hours a week growing up. And I absolutely loved it. After high school, I danced in a kids movie called "12 Dogs of Christmas Great Puppy Rescue" & was a back up dancer fro Donny Osmond! Lol GOALS right?!!!

5-I used to wear the bluest contacts growing up. I hated that I had brown eyes, and decided once to try wearing blue contacts and loved the attention I got from it. When I met Colten, I was still wearing them and he convinced me to stop. It was weird for the first couple of weeks to not wear them, but now I feel like a fool that I ever did! I love my brown eyes! Natural is definitely better! :)