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MAMA Style - Dress Favorites

Ciera Dastrup




MARLOES LOOK: Dress/RalphLauren//Doll/CuddleandKind


Since becoming a mom, my style has changed a bit. I love pieces that don't require a jacket or cardigan, and cover everything they need too! I began stocking up on dresses that I could easily just put on and head out the door. No cardigan, tights, or cover up required! :)

I love dresses like this for church, or even running errands around town on a sunny day. You can dress them up or down, and not feel like you're too revealing! As a mom and wife, I definitely prefer to be dressed more modestly and these dresses help me achieve the look I'm going for while also being stylish.

I rounded up some of my favorites, and some that are currently hanging in my closet now!

Photos by Sarah Ellefson*