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Chooiee Loves Fresh Pet

Ciera Dastrup

I make it pretty clear how much I love Chooiee! He is part of our family, and complete's our family. I take being a dog owner very seriously, and only give and feed him the best quality products and food! I teamed up with Fresh pet to try their refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients to give Chooiee! 

It was no surprise that he absolutely LOVED the food. I feel bad only giving him dry dog food, and love that he is eating fresh food just like I feed Marloe, Colten and I! This food was a big hit, and Marloe loved helpIng me feed it to him.  He looks even more forward to meal time, and instead of running to his dog bowl, he runs to the fridge haha! He is happier, healthier, and plays even harder at the dog park thanks to Fresh Pet food.

A couple things I absolutely love about Fresh Pet....

Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients!

Freshpet doesn't use artificial or chemical preservatives, or any mysterious ingredients like chicken meal!

Freshpet is just like a home cooked meal you’d make for your pet! Except without all the time and effort haha!

Learn more about Freshpet’s benefits of a fresh diet, by clicking HERE.

Check out Freshpet’s amazing transformational stories as well as how pets have gone completely wild at mealtime, click HERE.

Try Fresh Pet at mealtime for your furry pup! Let me know what you think!!

Photos By Sarah Ellefson*

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.