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Life Update + Jeep Desert

Ciera Dastrup

OUTFIT: TUNIC DRESS/FillyFlair//DenimJacket/FillyFlair

I haven't done a life update in a little while, so I thought I would share a quick one today!
Marloe is 14 months, and is such a fun little girl. She is no longer a baby anymore, and she has such a giant personality. She loves giving kisses and hugs and is such a cuddler. Anytime she bumps something or falls she makes me kiss her "boo boo's". She is still nursing...gah! How can I stop?!!!! And she doesn't sleep in her bed yet. Honestly I make weekly resolutions to wean her and put her in her crib at night. But have yet to do either.....I know it will be a pain to make those adjustments, so I just keep putting it off.

Colten and I have been slowly cleaning our rental house out here in Albuquerque. We know we will be moving to Seattle sometime this Summer, so we want to be ready when the time comes. We have been selling things we don't need, and actually plan on selling practically all our furniture before we leave and just buy new stuff when we get to Seattle. We actually think we might move into his grandparents house for a few months, so we can take that time to find a home and location we love without rushing into something.

I have a couple big trips planned this year, and I am so excited to share those with you soon. I also recently teamed up with my family to create a YouTube travel channel! Learn more about it here, and see our previous videos.

Also, I have a lot of people asking when I am going to have another baby haha. I am not going to get pregnant anytime soon, with our big move and not really knowing where we will be later this year, I don't really wanna worry about being pregnant or having a baby this year! Maybe next year??? Who knows! :)

Photos by Gabe Segura*

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