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Maternity Favorites + Bumpdate 17 Weeks

Ciera Dastrup

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I feel like this pregnancy is truly flying by. I forget sometimes that I am pregnant, because I am so busy chasing a toddler around all day. It's usually at nights that I lay in bed, and feel her tiny kicks....then I have a moment to really take this pregnancy in.

I wish I was better about sharing "Bumpdates" with you guys, but I am going to be better about it now. Not only to share some insight to how this pregnancy is going, but to document it for myself as well! I'll try to get one a Bumpdate post up every few weeks, until the baby is due!!!


We tried for 3-4 months to get pregnant with our second baby, and it just wasn't happening. I figured my hormones were still all over the place from just stopping breastfeeding, and getting my first periods again. The first month I wasn't super sad when I got my period, but the following months were pretty rough. I know we had just started trying, but for me, I felt a bit of a panic as I saw friends around me that were getting pregnant with their second/third babies....and I wasn't. After that fourth month, I decided to track my ovulation really closely, and that seemed to do the trick! :)

I had only a few rough weeks of nausea, but it quickly went away around week 7/8. I don't usually get bad morning sickness with my pregnancies, and this second pregnancy has been similar to my first in that way. However, very early on I have had wayyyyyy bad hip pain when I walk. I have had to get multiple prenatal massage, take baths, and stretch my hips out a lot. I remember having hip pain at the very end of my pregnancy with Marloe....but nothing this severe or early on. My OB says it's "second pregnancy" pain, hahah and that basically your body releases relaxin much earlier the second and third times along. So my joints are just loose, and all over the place! Super fun lol.....

I do feel like I am showing a lot sooner this time around, and my stomach muscles are no where in sight! I have been trying to workout at least 3 times a week, (with Marloe I worked out 6 times a week) but if I can't get to the gym Ill try and go on walks, or do workouts at home. I am just not motivated to workout at home though, and am much more of a gym person!!!

We're also in the process of buying a home here in Seattle. Well more like, we are in the process of looking for a home. We have never owned a home before and we are excited/nervous to start the whole process. If anyone has advice for a first time home buyer, I would love to hear it!!!!

I can't wait to start decorating our little girl's nursery, and I have already been buying her lots of cute clothes. Man, I love teeny tiny baby clothes! I always can't believe how small everything is. I also just started buying maternity clothes, because my pants no longer fit the way they should haha. I shared some of my recent purchases below! They are maternity and maternity pieces that could work for anyone!