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Overalls In Old Town

Ciera Dastrup

This year I really want to be more consistent with my blog. I want to post things that are relevant, and that truly help people! I also want to focus a little more on clothing and fashion again, since having Marloe my blog/social channels drastically changed to a more "Momma Blogger" aesthetic. I don't mind that at all, but I do want to shift gears a bit, and get back into why I started blogging in the first place!

I have always loved Overalls. Even when they temporarily went out of style, I continued to buy cute pairs, and loved the overall shorts! They definitely make them much cuter now, and a little bit easier to find now that they're stylish again haha!

I love that Overalls can easily transition from Winter to Summer! I got this one from Free People and already can see myself wearing it with a short sleeved & swimsuit under it. One important thing to look for when buying Overalls, is that they fit right! You don't want to wear super baggy Overalls, that hug you in weird places but are baggy in others! Make sure they fit you right, and are long enough so you don't get them pulling up in your...nether regions?? Haha! But seriously be careful when buying them, and always try them on first or read sizing info!

I know that not many stores carry overalls, and there are also a lot more options online! I rounded up some of my favorites for you in all price ranges! This year I plan on getting out of my style comfort zone and trying new things!

*Photos By Gabe Segura