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What NOT to do When Starting a Blog

Ciera Dastrup

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I started my blog sometime in 2014. I was super super unsuccessful, and quit and restarted it several times. I so desperately wanted to make it in the blogging world, but was not willing to put forth the effort to truly get it off the floor.

I know the world is becoming more and more saturated with blogs, and bloggers. But is that a bad thing? Nowadays big blogs are viewed more than the average fashion magazine! More people buy clothing and products recommended by their favorite bloggers, rather than what they see in a fashion magazine. Its such a big market, and there is truly room for everyone. I decided to put a few tips together, on what NOT to do when starting a blog. I experienced every single one of these, and I can say first hand...DON'T do these things haha!


When I started blogging in 2014, I immediately wanted to 'make it'. I wanted to have big sponsorships, tons of followers, and even make money! HAHA. I laugh at myself now, because why would I get any of those things, when i was bringing nothing to the table?? You have to work at it day and night, before you get any sort of outcome. Take things slow, and build your presence in the blogging world. Network, put time and effort into posts and photos, and sometimes even putting money into your blog before you get any in return.


Like I said previously, there are so many blogs out there. Find what makes you unique, and use that to your advantage. Are you a 5'10'? Start a blog for taller girls, and share tips for finding clothes that fit! Are you a single mom? Start a blog with recourses for other moms like you! People get tired of the 'average' perfect blogger, that only posts about high end this, and high end that! (Although there is a niche for that!) Be true to what you can bring to the table, and use your uniqueness, and style to add a twist to the everyday blogging community!


I will say this, not everyone needs a million followers to get taken seriously to get sponsorships with big companies. I have worked with many big companies, and don't have nearly as many followers as other bloggers. These companies are looking for quality over quantity when it comes to working with bloggers. They want to see high engagement, good quality photos, and effort taken into blog posts! Don't be worried about numbers, and instead worry about content! Also, focusing on numbers and comparing yourself to other bloggers will drive your crazy, and make blogging no longer enjoyable! Once you build a strong presence, your numbers will being to rise! 


This one kind of goes along with not focusing on numbers. This is something I still struggle with from time to time. I think its so important to really focus on YOU, and what YOU can do. Don't look at others profiles and feel jealous, instead go to them for creative ideas! I do this all the time with some of my favorite bloggers when i feel stuck in a rut. I will get ideas, and motivation when looking at, and reading their posts. Comparing just doesn't help anyone, and can even give you the feeling that you want to quit, and nobody likes that feeling. 


This is a big one that happens a lot with bloggers. if you started a blog to get "free stuff", then stop right now. This isn't about getting free items, which of course is nice, but more about making a living for MANY bloggers (on top of it being their passion). I have heard many bloggers just starting out, ask when they should start charging for social and blog posts. The truth is, there is no magic number. Like I have said before, it all has to do with content and engagement. If you have high engagement, and really good quality content, then charge away!!! A good starting point to see how much to charge is checking  SOCIAL BLUE BOOK and seeing what you're worth. Again, thats not a set in stone way to set your rates for a post, but it is helpful in knowing where to begin! Know what you're honestly worth when it comes to charging a company. It should definitely be a "win-win" scenario, and both parties should be happy in the end. Don't do posts for free because then you are lowering the industry standard for everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by, would love to hear if anyone has any other "BLOGGER DON'TS"! And read my other blog post on "TAKING YOUR BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL".

Photos by Gabe Segura*