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Trying to Stay Healthy this Winter

Ciera Dastrup

This cold season has been rough on my family! Shortly after coming home from Seattle for Christmas, Marloe got a terrible cold. She had a runny nose that wouldn't stop, and sleep for her (& us) was non existent. A few days after she got sick, Colten and I started feeling colds coming on.

We were with friends one night when my voice went completely away. I had a crazy sore throat, and Colten was beginning to get one as well. I ran to Walmart and grabbed a few boxes of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat & Breathe Easy tea's for us to drink that night! There is something so soothing and comforting about drinking tea for a cold. I woke up feeling much better the next morning, and could really feel my cold going away.

I have continued to drink Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea for the past couple of weeks since my cold. It has helped to keep me staying healthy, and I love starting my day with a cup! I love the Throat Coat tea, it tastes like licorice.....and truly is so yummy! I trust Traditional Medicinals with all my cold needs. I head to Walmart to pick them up, and always get such great deals on them.

Marloes cold lasted a bit longer, since she isn't big enough to drink tea yet! It was pretty funny one night we had plans to have some friends over and they have a little baby girl a few months younger than Marloe. About an hour before they were planning on coming over, I realized I should probably text them and cancel, because I didn't want Marloe to get their baby sick. No joke, that same moment my friend sent me a text saying she probably couldn't come because her little girl had a slight cold! LOL! I texted her right back and told her that Marloe did too. We ended up hanging out, and let our sick babies play! Winter cold season is no joke, and totally affects almost everyone. Stock up on Traditional Medicinals tea's like I do, so you're prepared when your family gets sick!

Photo's by Sarah Ellefson*