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Valentine's Day Looks

Ciera Dastrup

I really love holidays. I love decorating for them, buying gifts (& receiving gifts haha), and the fun activities that are held! With a baby, though, things are a bit different.

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I prefer not to go out on the actual day. Things are so crazy busy, and I hate waiting to get seats at a restaurant. Also Marloe refuses to go with a babysitter, so she would be coming along on our date if we go out. Colten and I usually go out a few days before or after the actual day if we do decide to go out. Our favorite thing to do is cook a super nice dinner together and just spend some one on one time at home.

Back when Colten and I were dating, we had a Valentine's date I will never forget! We were living in Utah at the time, and one of Colten's good friend's had a cabin in Park City. We had visited this cabin many times with our big group of friends, and it was a place we loved going! Colten got permission to take me there for our Valentines date, and we headed up the canyon! We stopped in downtown Park City at this cute small grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner. We headed to the cabin, and got settled in and he began to make us dinner while I sat by the window watching the snow come down the mountain. We ate dinner together, and got cozied up on the couch to watch a movie. It was crazy stormy outside, and we had a fire going as we watched. After our movie, we went into the kitchen and cooked dessert together. We made Molten Chocolate Lava cake....which if you never tried is one of the most delicious dessert ever!!! We had our dessert, and went outside on the snowy balcony to take in our surroundings. We then got in our swimsuits and got in the hot tub! It was such a romantic and fun date!!! The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast on Main Street in Park City. We drove home, and laughed and talked the whole way! It was one of the best dates ever, and we didn't even need to go out to a fancy restaurant or crowded movie theater. :)

I always have loved date nights in, but if you do plan on hitting the town with some friends, going on a romantic date with your loved one, or even getting dressed up for no dang reason....then I have rounded some great Valentines looks for you! :)

Photos By Gabe Segura*