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Raising a Happy Daughter

Ciera Dastrup

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Oh man! Raising a daughter in this crazy world is going to be tough. There is so much adversary, and sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders when I think about protecting her as she grows.

I want to raise a confident, loving, and happy daughter. But raising a confident child, starts with us as parents being confident with ourselves. Our kids will follow our examples in life, and if Marloe see's that I am not comfortable with myself....she might start to feel the same way about herself. THAT SCARES ME.

I want Marloe not to worry about what other people think, and instead do what makes her happy. I want her to feel beautiful, and not decide her worth from what others say. I remember looking up at my mom when I was younger, and I thought she was the most beautiful person in the world. My mom was healthy, confident, and I never remember her ever saying anything negative about herself in front of me. I followed her example, and was a carefree and happy kid that didn't worry about body image!

I am by no means a feminist. I believe that women and men are created equally, and are capable of equal greatness. I don't believe that women are greater then men like a lot of feminists think, and I sure as heck want a man to open the door for my daughter and take her on dates! Also, if I ever have a son...I will teach him how awesome he is, but to treat ALL people with respect and that includes being a gentleman!

I jotted down some ways I plan on teaching/showing Marloe to be confident in herself & her choices.

BE CREATIVE-Try new things and create ways to show others how you see the world. Don't be afraid to be yourself, and never let others tell you what and how you should do things. Create a beautiful song, poem, dance move, math equation, design, or the winning goal! Just don't stop being creative!

BE HEALTHY-Eat foods you love, run, jump and play! Get outside and be active, all while enjoying games and sports with friends! Being healthy is about fueling your body and feeling good.

BE HAPPY-Being happy doesn't mean you never cry, or have bad days. It's getting up and dusting yourself off after those sad moments and putting yourself back out there. It's about doing things you love, and loving those around you! It's about being optimistic, and making decisions that push you forward. It's not about what others think, but how you feel inside. Its about laying your head down at night and feeling peace with how you handled your day & always progressing forward.

I definitely think our kids watch and follow our every moves! If we aren't being the best we can, they may not be their best either. Raising a happy child starts at home! We can make this generation of kids the best yet, if we do try to be our best too!

  Photos by Gabe Segura*