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Baby Gear Loves

Ciera Dastrup

I get asked so very often about baby gear, and what I recommend! The thing is, there are so many amazing and high quality brands out there....that narrowing it down would be so tough! So I am sharing with you some of my personal favorite baby gear items/brands along with a list of items I totally want!!! I am still a first time mom with Marloe just being 8 months old, but I have already tried my fair share of car seats/strollers/baby gear and rounded up my favorite brands. This is based on aesthetic and of course safety!! Here are my...





Before I had Marloe my parents bought me a Graco 2 in 1 car seat/stroller. The car seat is an infant one, and honestly I love it! It has lasted us so very long, and I love that it easily connects into our stroller. It makes traveling easy, and it's also very high quality!!! Once Marloe hit about 7 months I decided to upgrade to a bigger carseat, and one that she could grow into. ALSO, I wanted a second car seat because it was a pain moving it back and forth from my car to my husbands when we went places. I researched a lot and decided on the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70! You guys, this car seat is amazing! It's adjustable, ultra soft, and connects to our new stroller. Marloe loves the cup holder, and is a lot happier sitting higher up in her "big girl car seat"!



Like I said in the previous post, we started with the Graco 2 in 1 car seat/stroller combo. Our Graco has gotten A LOT of use. We used it primarily in those first few months and after we traveled with it 10+ times it has gotten pretty beat up from the airports. We decided to exclusively make it our "travel stroller" until it dies! I love that it has 4 cup holders, and tons of space under the seat for my bag! It's so easy to transport (hence why it's our travel stroller) and is easy to fold up! Along with having a reg. stroller we have our BoB Jogger! Jogger strollers are a must for moms/dads that love being outdoors and going on walks! This stroller is easy to walk with over dirt/rocks and I take it on every morning jog of mine! I researched this stroller a lot and found that a lot of mamas loved and recommend it! Okay...so I have a stroller addiction because I recently got the Quinny Moodd. This stroller looks futuristic, and is so stylish! It's pretty pricy, but if you're looking for a gorgeous and high quality stroller with LOTS of perks, then I highly recommend this one! I got it because it connect to our new Maxi-Cosi car seat, and it's GORGEOUS!