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Ciera Dastrup

Buying baby clothes is so much fun for me. I definitely shop more for Marloe, than for myself these days. I usually prefer shopping online because there are so many more options out there! The only problem is, I never know if what I am buying is going to fit Marloe, or even really be what I am looking for!

I recently stumbled across a company called Smockbox. They have a wide selection of boutique children's clothing to fit every child's clothing style!! You pay $15, and they send you a box tailored towards your child's size and style! You try on the clothes, keep what you want, and send back the rest! Marloe got the cutest pieces in her box!!!! I am obsessed with the yellow romper pictured above! The box was such a surprise, and I immediately tried everything on Marloe after opening it!!! Both the outfits for great, and I loved that it was items that I don't have in stores near me!

I definitely recommend trying them out, here is the link to sign up!!!