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Celebrating Dads + Crocs

Ciera Dastrup

Can't believe we are about to celebrate Colten's very first Father's Day!!! So exciting, and Marloe and I can't wait to spoil him!!! I always knew he would be an awesome playful dad, but he has gone above and beyond that title way more than I ever imagined!!!

Today I teamed up with Crocs to showcase their rad shoes we took out on a little pre Fathers Day excursion the other day! I love when Colten can take an afternoon off of work and just hang out with Marloe and I! We always end up doing something so fun, and it definitely beats just sitting at home. A couple days ago he came home early, and we decided to go out to lunch together! After lunch we visited a fun beach park downtown. I love just strolling around, chatting, I always get so excited and remember how much I freaking adore him!!!!

These Crocs were perfect for our little outing. They are so crazy comfortable, and they felt like I was walking on clouds...NO JOKE! Colten loves his Crocs sandals, they will definitely get worn lots this Summer!!! I am thinking for Fathers Day this year, we will BBQ in our backyard! Colten's parents will be in town, so that weekend will already be an awesome time with them!! We will probably go on a little walk after dinner too when the sun is about to go down! What are your Fathers Day plans!???? I would love some ideas!

While we were in Hawaii, my sister was telling us about how everyone has their own "Love Language". She said that most people show love, the way they would like love showed back to them! My sister for example, is a major gift giver-and loves getting gifts as well. It's her love language! I thought that was so interesting, and although it may not be true for everyone...it's definitely true for the people in my life! So figure out your husband/father's love language, and that can totally help you when deciding what gift to get them for Father's Day! Read about the five Love Languages HERE!!!

Photos by Gabe Segura Photography*