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Summertime lovin'

Ciera Dastrup


I can't believe it's already June! This year has flown by, and Marloe turns six months this month! Time really needs to slow down, before I lose it. Haha! Today I am sharing a little snippet of what an afternoon usually looks like with Marloe and I. I love my house, but I can not stay home all day without going crazy. I try to leave my house with Marloe, at least once a day if not more. I feel so much better about life in general when I am outside, or going out and doing something. Today I am sharing some of my favorite activities that I will be doing this Summer with my little BFF Marloe. And Colten, when he isn't busy working lol!

Now that's it's Summer there are so many more options for fun things to do outdoors! Since I don't always get the opportunity to go to the gym, I try and go on morning walks/jogs at a pond near my house! I usually walk jog 2-3 miles, and not only am I getting a little workout, I am getting vitamin D too! Yay!

Albuquerque has a huge farmers market downtown every Saturday in the Summer! I went there a few times last Summer, but I plan on going a lot more this year! I love supporting local companies, and all the fruit/veggies there are organic-which I love!!! I am going to it tomorrow, and plan on taking Marloe in the stroller for a fun morning with my whole little Family! Ps. There are always farmers markets going on in practically every city/town! Look it up online and I'm sure you'll find one to go to! They're so fun!!!

Park picnics! I love getting together with friends, and have a friend here in Albuquerque with a baby girl around Marloe's age! I love hanging out with them, and we always do some fun stuff together! Park picnics, and picnics in general will definitely be on my list of Summer time activities this year with them! Now that Marloe is sitting up, I can lay our favorite picnic blanket out and she loves sitting on it playing with her toys-while I chow down! Find an awesome park in your area, and go do a little picnic!

After dinner walks with my whole little family! Since it can be so hot throughout the day, I feels so nice to go on walks when the temperature cools down a bit! Colten and I love going on walks together, and since he is usually at work all day, we plan our walks for after dinner! We especially love going on long Sunday walks after church! Sometimes I'll pack little snacks, like grapes or almonds to munch on while we walk! It's so fun, and we get some time to chat about our day!

Zoo & water parks!!! I am obsessed with the Zoo! I love animals, and my local zoo is always so clean and the animals seem so happy and lovely there! (Which is surprising!) I plan on taking Marloe to the zoo a couple days a month! It gives us something different to do, and there are always places to sit and relax there in the shade. I also found a couple nice water parks with wading/kiddie pools for Marloe. I can get a tan while playing with Marloe in the water! Win win!

There are obviously lots more to do, and it totally depends on where you live too! I constantly get asked about what camera I use to take some of my IG photos. I love capturing all of our mini adventures with my Canon Rebel t5i! It's not the BEST/MOST EXPENSIVE camera out there, but it takes good quality photos, and it won't break the bank with its price! I linked my camera, along with some awesome accessories below, so don't forget to check that out! I also didn't have a camera bag for forever, and finally got this one recently from Lo & Sons! It looks like a freaking cute purse, but doubles as a sturdy and durable camera bag! Every fashion girls dream! Haha! I linked that below too! Have an awesome Friday babes!!! Xx

Photography by Gabe Segura Photography*