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Savers Thrift Store Finds

Ciera Dastrup

I love a great vintage find! Going into thrift stores can be intimidating for a lot of people! But once you get past that intimidation, you can find some really awesome things!!

I have teamed up with Savers to talk about some awesome items I got there recently all for under $50!! Usually $50 at a department store, gets you one maybe two items...but I walked away with ten different things!!!! I like going to Savers to find authentic vintage pieces to add to my home or my wardrobe. On my recent trip to Savers new Santa Fe store, I got just that. I found two awesome pairs of vintage Levi's shorts that will be perfect for the Summer, and the Fourth of July! The pair I am wearing here is high waisted, and I love the denim wash color on them as well! Not only are they pretty rad shorts, but I got both pairs for $6. How can you beat that?? This top is from Savers too, it is the perfect casual top for the Summer and just so happens to be patriotic colors as well! Win win! Here is a tip from "Vintage Fashion Guild" for how to shop for vintage pieces:

"There are many approaches to take when buying vintage clothing, and many things to consider. What vintage clothing should you buy? Ask yourself what makes your heart sing…what appeals most to you. Select something to focus on, but be prepared to branch out when you are ready. Study what you are interested in. If you are going to invest, it is helpful to know your area of interest as well as any dealer, if not better. A focused strategy can help you make the difficult acquisition decisions, and a clearly realized vision makes a collection ever so much more interesting."

She share's many more tips and tricks at this link HERE! I really like what her post says about picking an era, or a specific genre of clothing when trying to find a vintage article of clothing or accessory. Savers has a lot of options and a lot to choose from, with each location holding something so different! Here is some cool information about Savers! 


Savers provides a refined shopping experience not usually associated with thrift stores. You won’t find cluttered piles and broken equipment on the shelves at Savers. Instead, shoppers will find the new store to be spacious, well-lit and easy to navigate

With more than 100,000 items on its sales floor at any given time, and carrying everything from clothing and accessories, to housewares and electronics, Savers is no ordinary thrift store.

There are up to 10,000 new items placed on the floor each day.

Reuse is Savers’ reason for being. With the average American throwing out 81 pounds of textiles each year, 95 percent of which could have been given a second life, Savers gives shoppers the power to build a wardrobe on a budget, while reducing the impact on the planet. 

In one year alone, Savers donates over $200 million to its nonprofit partners and Savers also keeps 650 million pounds of reusable goods out of landfills each year.

This store is the first Savers location in the city of Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe store has a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Mexico. When members of the community donate their goods to Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Mexico at the store’s on-site Community Donation Center, Savers pays Big Brothers Big Sisters for those items whether or not they make it to the sales floor.

Through this partnership, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Mexico receives a steady source of income that they can use to support their local youth mentoring programs.


Head to your local Savers and see how far $50 can take you! If your in New Mexico, go check out the brand new Savers in Santa Fe! I promise you won't be disappointed!