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Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: NursingScarf/NurooBaby//Top/MindyMaes//Sandals/CopperThreads//Pants/Boohoo

MARLOES LOOK: Top/OldNavy//TeethingGlove/MunchMitt

I'm always looking for new awesome products that I can share with my readers! I recently stumbled across some insanely rad "must have" mama products & I had to share!!!

I travel a lot. Not just on vacations, but I drive a lot and go to lots of places! I hate being home all day, so I'm constantly leaving my house to go do activities with Marloe! (Zoo, gardens, mall, etc) This means I do a lot of my nursing on the go! It isn't easy, and most times I am in public places when she starts crying and wants to nurse! Nursing covers are a must for me! I recently found an awesome cover from NuRoo Baby! This cover doubles as a cute scarf too! Win win! I have it already packed in my diaper bag for my long plane rides on Thursday! It is stretchy, has awesome coverage, yet is super breathable!!! I definitely recommend it mamas!

Marloe is definitely nearing the "teething" stage! She puts everything in her mouth, and that's why our new Munch Mitt is awesome!!!!!! I place it on her hand, and she goes to town on it. She absolutely loves the texture and noise it makes when she bites down. The best part is that it's stuck to her hand, so she can't throw it on the ground! :) I linked these products above!

I am basically running around getting my house cleaned, and stuff done before we leave for our long trip on Thursday! It's going to be a long day of traveling, so I am getting everything ready that I might possibly need for those flights with Marloe! Wish me luck, and have an awesome day!

Photos taken by Gabe Segura Photography