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Spring Look + Postpartum Journey

Ciera Dastrup

It's no joke that pregnancy and having a baby change you in so many ways, both physically and mentally! After having your baby it's hard to notice any of the good your body has accomplished and it's so easy to look at the negative! That's why today I am talking about how to feel confident in your changed body, and how to dress in a way that exudes that!

I have always been pretty fit for most of my life, thanks to dance, serious exercise, and always eating clean! When I got married, I didn't expect to get pregnant just four short months later! It came as a shocker, and I was terrified but excited! As my body changed and grew, I felt like I wasn't myself. I didn't feel nearly as confident as I used to, and I hated going shopping because nothing fit! I finally decided to look at the whole experience positively! I was growing a human inside me! My body was doing something so amazing, and here I was worried about how I looked!!! After Marloe was born, I actually felt a surge of confidence! I remember looking in the mirror a few days after, and I felt great! I remember thinking that loosing all the extra pounds I gained would be easy! A couple weeks later, my postpartum weight loss plateaued. That's when I could barely look myself in the mirror without cringing. I had loose skin all over my abdomen, a muffin top, and no muscle definition anywhere on my body. My boobs were huge and covered in stretch marks, and the pain from nursing was getting to me. I felt and looked miserable.

Since none of my regular clothing fit normal, and I didn't dare wear anything tight or you would see my stomach pooch. I decided to wear my husbands t shirts. They were large, and helped to hide everything. When I would leave the house, I would even throw on his jackets, and a pair of leggings. I wore oversized dresses to church, and felt so far from feminine! I quickly decided I needed to change the way I looked at myself, like I had done during my pregnancy! I looked at my daughter, and thought about how I wanted her to be confident in her own skin.

It's crazy because with social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. "I wish I looked as skinny as her, I wish I had her hair, her legs, her awesome skin...etc."--you get the point. The thing is, nearly EVERYONE does this. I did this, and finally had to stop because I was going insane. We are always wanting what we don't have, and don't realize people are looking at us wishing they had what we had! We just need to appreciate our bodies and our features and stop comparing!

Now back to changing how I felt postpartum. No one ever really tells you how crazy your hormones go after pregnancy. One day, I would feel so happy and ready to workout, and others I would feel unmotivated and want to stay in bed. All moms have been there, and if you are a new mom, I promise it gets better. My advice to you, is to do whatever you can to get out of the house and get some fresh air/exercise! Walks have been really helpful to me, and make me an all around happier more motivated person! When I do get the opportunity to go to the gym, I don't take my time there for granted because I know I have a baby at home anxiously waiting for me to get back! (And a husband VERY anxious for me to get back haha).

Anyway, I hope this helped someone in some way!!!! Now let's talk about this really retro outfit! I found these pants on sale for $12 at Marshalls and HAD to get them! I have nothing like them, and the print was so fun and pretty! This style is pretty on trend and I linked my favorites below for you to check out! Also, I realized this week how I need more white tees in my closet. They go with everything, and I just have ONE! I quickly went to the mall and stocked up on a few more, because white tees are such a staple piece.