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Mothers Day Gift + Links of London

Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: Jeans-JS(ON SALE)///Top-Gibson(Nordstrom)///Shoes-Forever21(old)SimilairHERE

MARLOES LOOK: Jumpsuit-7FamKids(ONLY $12 and comes in 2 colors)///Bow-GiddyUpAndGrow

Mothers Day has new meaning to me this year! Being a mom has been so special everyday, and I am excited to celebrate a day that's just for moms! My mom has been a huge example to me, and is one of the greatest ladies ever!!!! Now that I am a mom, I appreciate all she did for me in a whole new way and perspective! Moms do SO MUCH for you!! 

If you're looking for something special for mama and baby/kids Links of London has the cutest modern charm bracelets! Me and Marloe have little matching bracelets with separate charms that each have special meaning. My bracelet has her initial, and an eye to show that I'll always watch over her! Her bracelet has a heart, which represents my love for her, and she also has her birthstone charm on hers! I loved picking out the individual charms for our bracelets.

I wear my bracelet almost everyday now, and it has become a staple piece for me! This is such a great Mothers Day gift idea! Whether your a guy buying one for your wife/daughter/mother! Or a mother wanting a special gift for you and your little one(s)! Check out my charm picks below, and shop my favorites! Happy soon to be Mothers Day everyone!