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Easy Breezy Go-to Look

Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: Top-BalticBorn//Pants-MANGO//BlackJacket-Levis//Boots-NinaShoes(ON SALE)//Purse-KalaMarie//Sunnies-FJAcosta//Flowers-PostaFlower

MARLOE'S LOOK: Onesie-DearCub//Leggings-JCrew//Bow-TroisBeauxBebesShop

  These past couple of days have been soooo stressful! Marloe, who used to sleep 11 hours a night and just waking up once to eat, now has been a terrible sleeper and wakes up every morning at 6am on the dot! I truly don't mind waking up early, but when you didn't get good sleep that night.....it sucks! Anyway, I have almost all of our stuff packed up for our trip to Destin on Monday! I am sooo excited! We are staying at a resort right on the beach!!!!!! This will be Marloe's first time going to the beach, and I am soooo excited to see the most beautiful girl in the melt beautiful setting!!!! I am a bit nervous though, because this will be the longest flight for Marloe! Hopefully she does well! I am crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers!

Lately I have been so drawn to button up shirts like I am wearing here! They look great with skinny jeans, and some booties, and are easy access for nursing haha! Skinny jeans and booties are my go-to look, so dressing it up with a cute top is a must to change it up! I got this one from a cute shop called Baltic Born! It is the perfect fit, and I love the colors of the plaid! Marloe is wearing this cute onesie from Dear Cub! I have both of our outfits linked above!!! Now I am going to run to Starbucks & finish up packing so I don't have to tomorrow!!!! Have a good day guys! Xxxx