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Blogging 101

Ciera Dastrup

Blogging. It can be a fun hobby, some extra side income, or a full on career. However you choose to blog is up to you and the time and effort/money you're willing to put in! I have been blogging now for 3 years. I am constantly learning something new everyday, and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in this cyber world! I have made awesome connections throughout the years and slowly(very slowly) my little blog has transitioned from being a hobby, to an awesome career!

I currently live in Albuquerque, and the idea of making money from a blog doesn't make sense to a lot of people here. If someone here asks what I do for work, saying "I am a blogger" comes with a lot of explanation to how that translates to a job! But it seriously can become an awesome source of income, if you do it right of course!!!! :) Here are a few tips to you newbies out there, or even you notable bloggers!! 


Take your blog from a Hobby to a Career

Tip 1: Treat your blog like a job- When I first started blogging, I really thought that it was a fun little hobby. I followed many popular blogs, and dreamed of one day being like them! But, I didn't realize how hard and long of a process getting to their levels was! I put out a new blog post, maybe once or twice a month. The quality of my photos weren't great, and the concepts were non existent. It is so important to take time planning out posts, putting together actual concepts that you believe your readers will like, and getting HQ photos taken to showcase and actualize that concept in an appealing way! I put at least 2-4 hours a day working on my blog, whether that be sitting at my computer, writing down posts, or shooting looks with my photographer! By treating my blog like a career, I get rewarded from it! 

Tip 2: Know your Worth- Charging for a post-This is one of those things that scares a lot of new bloggers. Here is the deal, if you are putting awesome/high quality content out there for your readers, and someone contacts YOU to promote a product for THEM on your page then you should ALWAYS be compensated!!!! Collaborating with a company means working together, on a win-win basis! You do something for them, and in return you get compensated for your time and effort PLUS giving them awesome content published throughout your social channels. Now here is the deal. A lot of companies will still try and get bloggers to post about their stuff, by being sneaky and saying "we will GIFT you 'said' item and if you post about it, please tag us!" Here is what is wrong with that, a lot of times they will continue to write you "checking in" to see if you like the product. They almost guilt you into promoting it anyway. If you don't getting a product for free in return for posting about it, then thats just fine! But make sure you feel like it is a "win-win" situation. Now as far as starting to charge for posts, this really comes down to your blog and social channel metrics. Which basically means, your engagement, page views, and followers/subscribers! Charge what you feel is fair! 

Tip 3: Be Professional- Always be professional in your writing via emails to companies! I also recommend making a media kit! HERE is an awesome resource on that! It really helps companies to see how professional and organized you are! They will be more inclined to compensate you for a post, if they see that you have done it before and know what you're doing! Also, I have found lately that having a contract signed between you and the company is very smart! That way you both hold up your end of the bargain! They get an awesome post, and you get paid!!! :)