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Colorescience Makeup

Ciera Dastrup

I am a mom now which means I don't have any more than 5-10 minutes everyday to get ready. I used to have a skin regimen, where I would apply 4+ different things to my face before even putting my makeup on. Now that just DOESN'T work! I need products that have dual purposes. Thats when I discovered Colorescience foundation. They have skincare makeup with built in sunscreen!!!!!! I am all about products that have more than one purpose, especially when that purpose is protecting your skin against the sun!!! 

I love tinted moisturizers, and have always used and loved Bare Minerals BB cream. I tried countless products, and nothing came close to it. Then I started used Colorescience's tinted SPF moisturizer!!!! I am literally obsessed, and could not be more impressed! The texture is amazing, and doesn't cake your face like other moisturizers with sunscreen. It also doesn't leave an oily residue on your face like I have found with similar products! I use the color MEDIUM and it matches my skin perfectly. I then apply the Loose mineral sunscreen in color Medium as well! I keep that in my bag, because you can reapply it all day to continue to protect your skin! It has SPF 50 in it!!!!! 

I highly recommend buying quality when it comes to skincare and makeup. You can always tell a difference, and your skin can too. When you buy quality, your skin will thank you!!!! Check out my IG later today for an awesome giveaway to win your very own Loose Mineral Sunscreen!!! ($64 value!)